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Are you looking for an innovative way  to  pick up some new clients?

Trying to procure new customers has always been a challenge for a typical salesperson.Knocking on doors trying to get past the gatekeeper,

(typically the receptionist ),in order to speak with the decision maker was almost impossible.The receptionist is instructed not to allow you to see

the buyer without an appointment. Ok , that seems fair, but they also do not give out the name or direct telephone number of that individual either . 

This is where you need to be  a little creative to get the name and number so you can make an appointment and get in front of the decision maker

At   Choconet , we have 2 products that have proven to be very successful in getting the receptionist to pass your card along to the buyer and supply

the information necessary for you , the salesperson , to do his or her job.We have a milk or dark chocolate business card which can be personalized 

with your corporate logo and business information, right  into the chocolate and heat sealed in clear cellophane.The chocolate card comes

in a gold or silver fiip top window box  which has slits to hold your printed business card as well.This way when the prosepct eats the chocolate 

version, they still have the paper version to refer to. TIP ...Make sure you bring a couple extra chocolate cards for the receptionist.

If you are trying to get your foot in the door , we also have a 3 inch long chocolate foot print which can be customized with your logo as well..

Available in milk or dark Swiss Chocolate, this piece can be foil wrapped or heat sealed in clear cellophane. Attach your card to the piece ,

and you are all set to start seeing your sales climb.


if you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable chocolate consultants regarding the implementation of  one of our unique customized

chocolate cold calling chocolates, then contact us at  877-924-6206.