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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do I need to order a custom chocolate mold?

A. If you want the item you are interested in to have a logo or company name added to it, you would need to have a custom mold produced. There is a 1 time charge of $95 for this. If we need to produce a totally new shape with a logo the mold charge ranges from $200-$350 depending on the amount of time it takes to produce.

Q.What is the difference between a personalized mold and a custom mold option , when I am ordering custom chocolate coins?

A.The personalized mold is a stock design we have created that allows you to add your specific event information to it. A custom mold allows you to supply us with your custom artwork.

Q.Can I get a personalized gift card added to each gift box?

A.Yes, we can add a printed gift card to each box.Contact Customer Service at 877-924-6206 for assistance and pricing options.

Q. What is the gift box option?

A. Many of the 1 ounce and 2 ounce piece prices DO NOT include a gift box in the per piece pricing. If you would like your chocolate piece packaged in a gold or silver 2 piece gift box, you would indicate it in the options section. There is a $.75 per piece added to the per piece price of the item.

Q. What is the imprint on box set up charge?

A. This is the 1 time die charge, which is required for us to produce a metal die necessary to imprint your logo or company name on the gift box lid.

Q. What is the running charge?

A. It is the per piece charge for us to print on the box itself. It is automatically added to the per piece price of the item.

Q. Can my piece of customized chocolate be wrapped in foil?

A. Most pieces of chocolate can be wrapped in a colorful foil. We hand wrap each piece so the cost per piece may seem a bit costly, but it is well worth it. If the piece you are interested in does not show a foil option, it can not be foil wrapped.

Q. How do I send you artwork for a custom chocolate mold, box imprint, or custom printed wrapper?

A. Please send us vector based art for best reproduction. All text must be converted to outlines and the file must be saved as an EPS or a PDF. A high resolution TIFF of 600 DPI or higher is also acceptable.

Q. Do I get to see what the artwork will look like on the piece I am ordering?

A. We always want to show you a digital or faxed proof, so you know exactly what we are going to produce. If the order is an exact repeat, proofs are not provided unless requested by the client.

Q. Is the minimum quantity set in stone?

A. We are always looking to work with our clients and accommodate there requests. You will need to contact Customer Service at 877-924-6206 or email us at and we will try our best to give you what you need.

Q.What if I need my chocolate delivered by a specific date for my event?

A.Indicate this in the Delivery Date area on the order page. If in doubt contact Customer Service at 877-924-6206.We want your order to arrive on Time!

Q.I have nut allergies and need to know if your chocolate is nut free?

A.The custom chocolate products do not contain nuts, but the facility handles products that contain nuts, eggs, wheat flour, dairy, and soy.

Q.Is your chocolate kosher?

A.Yes, all of the customized chocolate products are manufactured under the supervision of the Orthodox Union ( OU-D).

Q.Do you charge sales tax on orders?

A.We do collect sales tax of 7% for all New Jersey orders.

Q.What is a set up charge?

A.The set up charge covers the material and time necessary to create the die or screen required to put your logo on a specific product. This needs to be physically created the first time we imprint a logo or design on a box, label, bag, or ribbon. If you reorder the exact same item there would be no set up charges. Artwork and design charges when applicable are not considered set up charges.